If you have moved into a home where the garage is full of junk left there by the previous occupant, or if you have been using your garage to store stuff instead of hiring storage units, this article is for you.


1. Park Your Cars in the Garage

You can save on car insurance in most places if you lock your car away every night in a garage. Think of how cozy it will be in winter to move from the kitchen to the garage without having to go out into the cold. Use your clean and declutter garage project as an opportunity to take your tools out of their boxes and hang them on the walls with an outline to show users where to hang them back up. In this way, you will always have motor oil and anti-freeze on hand when you need to give your car service. If you have precious items in the garage that you want to hold on to, storage units are the best way to keep them safe.


2. Garage Gym

Once you have prioritized your garage clean out business, you can even turn the extra space into a gym. A few coats of easy-wipe paint on the walls and floor, and it is the perfect environment in which to work out. You can even blast hi-energy music to keep you pumping iron without bothering the family. So, get that spare furniture out of the garage, and into a storage unit today.


3. Playroom

What better way to keep toys and games from spilling over into the sitting room than to turn the garage into a playroom? It’s a safe space and can be made warm for winter by lining the ceiling and putting down carpet. Any extra items you store in the garage can be placed in storage units until you need them again. This is the best option if you have cots, diaper changing tables, and highchairs you want to keep for the next baby.


4. Workspace

If an overstuffed garage is stopping you from turning it into an extra workspace, then act now to reclaim it for a study or den extension. Storage units are the most cost-effective way of keeping items dry, safe, and ready-to-use. Say goodbye to screaming at the family to be quiet while you work, and hello to a noise-resistant workspace that allows focus and peace.


5. Entertainment Room

If you have had your eye on a state of the art audio/video system but don’t have the place to set in up for long-term use, think again. Your garage is the ideal place to install the ultimate entertainment system. You can even soundproof the walls so the bass won’t affect anyone in the main living area. Why let a garage full of furniture, unpacked boxes, and empty suitcases get in the way of your surround sound dreams? Put everything into storage units and watch your next movie in style.

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