Packing up and moving is not all negative. If you change your mindset, you can make this an opportunity to clear away unwanted items and downsize. When you are packing and moving, there are three things on which to focus: spring cleaning, streamlining, and efficiency. Think about how it should be easy packing up and also unpacking. So, here are the best strategies to help you pack better and smarter.


Storage Units Near Me

The most crucial packing strategy is to keep in mind the dimensions of your new residence and not overload it with articles that will cause you storage problems on the other side. Storage units help so much if your new home only has on-street parking and no garage in which to store the overflow. This is also a vital piece of knowledge to have if you are going to be couch surfing for a while in between places to stay. Budget-friendly storage units in St. Anthony, Idaho, and storage units in Rigby have come to the rescue of many movers.

Start Packing the Minute You Know You Are Moving

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Source boxes and begin to fill them with items you don’t use regularly such as knick-knacks and books. Remember to pack books into batches of small boxes and not one large one or else the box will be too heavy.

Packing Gear

Keep a sharpie, tape, and scissors with you at all times. If you want to make life easier for yourself, be sure to buy a tape with easy to see edges. It might be more expensive, but it will save you time and frustration trying to find the end of the tape when you need to seal a box shut. Label everything, and also write down whether it’s fragile or should remain upright.

Light Stuff = Big Box, Heavy Stuff = Small Box

It’s not just books that should go into small boxes. Heavy stuff like saucepans, gadgets, and crockery should be packed in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry. You can line the fragile items with towels and pillowcases to cushion them. Plastic containers, drapes, and blankets can go into the larger boxes.

Fill Every Space

Try not to leave any empty box space. Plug up any empty corners with shoes, purses, and scarves before you seal the box shut. Remember to add these extra items onto the labeling so you won’t lose track of your accessories.

Be Ready to Roll When the Movers Arrive

You’ll be on the clock when the movers arrive. So, make sure to dismantle, unscrew, and fold any items to make the moving process more efficient. Tape any item of furniture with hinges closed together. If they flap open during the move and then snap shut on someone’s finger, it won’t be pretty.

And finally, if you have anyone who is helping you move and pack, make sure they have plenty of refreshments and snacks throughout the day!

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