A Storage Unit That Comes to You

How many times have you seen people struggle to organize transport to pick up and drop off the items they have in storage? It’s as though no one has thought about how to make the process simpler. Until now, you either had to hire a mover to place your stuff in a Rexburg storage unit and hire another one when you wanted your items back out of storage. Or you had to have a friend with a pick-up truck. What if you don’t have the time, money, or connections for all this bother? The Westore Rexburg storage unit folks have the perfect solution. They pick up your items for storage and drop them back off when you need your stuff again.

A Storage Unit for BYU-Idaho Students

Students find the pick-up and drop-off storage service offered by Rexburg WeStore an ideal solution for short-term and long-term storage purposes. What better way to move from one residence, store all your items over the holiday period, and then have it neatly delivered to your new residence at the start of the term? A Rexburg storage unit is the most affordable way to independently move, store, and remain mobile.

A Storage Unit for Rexburg Residents

You can solve any temporary furniture overflow problem by placing them in storage units priced affordably for long- and short-term use. If you have furniture that someone needs, but they won’t be able to pick it up for a few months, give WeStore a call. A van will be around to your house at your earliest convenience to pick the item up to take to a Rexburg storage unit. Either you or the person claiming the furniture at a later date can have it delivered when it is needed.

Get Space Back in Your Home

You may have started to declutter your home but can’t throw out the excess furniture or boxes because your children will be leaving home soon and need it for their student accommodations. Give WeStore a call for a short- or long-term storage unit Rexburg rental. Every item of furniture and each box will be picked up at your home, put into storage, and then delivered to its new home when needed. Today’s junk might be tomorrow’s treasure. If you want to be cautious about what you clean out of your house, put it in storage.

We Help You Declutter

The search for space in the home can be emotionally draining if you think you have to throw things out. Take the stress out of making those hard decisions by putting everything into a Rexburg storage unit instead. When you are sure about the stuff you don’t want in your home anymore but are too attached to it to think about letting go forever, give WeStore a call, and they will come and pick it up for long term storage. This is the surefire way to ensure you don’t see something you sold for peanuts at your garage sale valued for much more on an antiques program!

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