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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Schedule a Pick-Up or Delivery?

All pickups and deliveries can be scheduled at westorerexburg.com. Click on the service you want, and select the date and time that work best for you. We’ll do the rest!

Can I Reschedule?

Of course! Just email us at [email protected], text us at (208) 306-3439, or call us at (208) 221-2376 and let us know when you would like us to set your new appointment.

Can I Cancel a Service?

If you need to cancel a service, just email us at [email protected] or call us at (208) 221-2376. You can cancel your order anytime before WeStore arrives at your address, but there is a $25 cancelation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

What If I Need My Stuff Delivered to a New Address?

No problem. When you get online to book your delivery time, simply enter your new address into the address bar and it will update automatically.

What If I Need An Additional Item Stored After My Appointment?

If you need an extra item or two stored after we have already picked up your things, we will come and pick it up for no additional charge as long as it doesn’t exceed the plan you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased the 1-6 Item Plan with WeStore and you have a 7th item you need to store, we will take care of it for you but will charge you for the 7-11 Item Plan.


Can I Store Furniture?

We do not move or store any furniture except for small nightstands, desks, etc.

Can I Store Appliances?

We would be happy to store your small appliances for you! We do not store large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. Smaller appliances such as microwaves, toaster ovens, etc. should be packed in a box and will be picked up and stored. Be sure to clean any appliances at least 24 hours before we pick them up.

Are There Any Things I Can't Store?

WeStore WILL NOT store any of the following:

  • Food or Perishable Items
  • Liquids
  • Living Things (fish, plants, or animals)
  • Hazardous Materials (anything containing gas, fireworks, firearms, explosives, chemicals, biological waste, etc.)
  • Pianos
  • Pool Tables
  • Vehicles
  • Unsanitary Items
  • Illegal Substances of any Kind

Who Boxes-Up My Items?

You are responsible for packing your own items into boxes as you see fit. If your items are not packed well or securely, WeStore is not liable for any damages. When WeStore arrives at your home, we will photograph your boxes and other items to keep everything in order. We will also label your boxes with barcode labels so that they are easily-trackable. If you have delicate items, please pack them appropriately.


Do I Have To Pay a Deposit?

Nope! WeStore never requires a deposit to be made for any service offered.

How Will I Pay Each Month?

During your pickup, if you haven’t already paid online, we will swipe your card and it will be charged as soon as your things have been securely stored. Billing each month is automatic, so don’t worry about it! The day you book will be the first of your payments each month.

How Can I Update My Billing?

You can login to your account to update your billing info at any time.

Can I Just Store My Stuff For a Month or Less?

Yes! There is no contract with WeStore. You can have your stuff delivered whenever you want. When your things are returned to you, we will stop the billing cycle. No obligation, no contract. You can have your items returned to you in under a month, but you will be required to pay for the full month.


Where Will My Stuff Be Stored?

All of your things will be stored in our secure warehouse. There is 24-hour video surveillance and everything is protected behind anti-cut locks. Only certified WeStore employees have access to the warehouse. Locks are changed on a regular basis for security purposes, as well.

How Do I Know My Stuff Will Be Safe?

WeStore is dedicated to making sure that your things remain safe and guarded at all times. Once your things are in our warehouse, they are covered by basic insurance. If you would like to purchase additional insurance, you are free to do so.

What If One of my Items Are Lost?

We take pride in being safe, reliable, and very organized. At our WeStore warehouse, your items will be organized in such a way that it is impossible to lose your things. When we delivery your things, we will also have you verify to make sure that all of your belongings are accounted for, just to be safe.

How Will My Credit Card and Personal Information Be Protected?

We use the best SSL encryption software available to make sure that your credit card and personal information is kept secure and private. We also never use your credit card information for anything outside of our card processing platform.

General Questions

Where Can I Get a Copy Of My WeStore Order Form?

You can call us or email us if you would like a copy of your order form.

What If I Move Outside Of The Service Area? How Can I Get My Things Back?

WeStore does not provide any shipping services. However, we can work with a shipping company that you choose to facilitate a move.

Is Pick-Up and Delivery Really Free?

Yes! We charge no additional fee for picking up or delivering your things. Just pay the monthly storage cost depending on how many things you have. To show you how we generally price an order here is a chart: [1-6 items: $35/month, 7-11 items: $49/month, 12-15 items: $59/month]
Our Student Storage always starts from $35/month.

How is WeStore Different From Self-Storage?

When you choose self-storage, safety is never guaranteed. Plus, YOU have to do all the work! You have to pack up your things, rent a Uhaul truck, find neighbors to help you move, purchase a lock, and then lift all of your stuff and organize it into your storage unit. By the time you do all of that, that day is already over! Not to mention the fact that finding a decent storage unit in Rexburg is almost impossible. WeStore does all of the lifting for you. We come to you, pick up your things, and store them do you don’t have to.

Which Areas Does WeStore Serve?

Currently, we only operate within the City of Rexburg.

What If I Can't Be Present For My Appointment?

You can authorize another individual to be present and sign for you when we come to pick up or deliver your things.

Can I Come To See My Things In Storage? Can I Add To or Take Away From The Things I Have Stored On My Own?

WeStore does all the work so you don’t have to. For security purposes, we do not allow access to our warehouse by anyone who is not an authorized WeStore employee. Whenever you need an additional item stored, or even if you want a few items delivered back to you, just call us or email us to let us know. We’ll take care of it for FREE!

Do I Have To Pay For Driving or Loading Time?

Nope! We do not charge anything other than the monthly rate to store your things. Drive times, loading/unloading times, and labor are all included in the price. The price also includes tax.

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